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Obokozu New Videos and Photos, Biography, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Relationship

Obokozu has new things coming up, like videos, photos and more. She has featured several stars to bring to you more excitements. This article will let you know more about Obokozu biography, age, height and weight, net worth, relationship status, nationality and more.


Honestly, many stars are good at what they do and Obokozu is fortunate to be one of them. She is always determined to bring the best out of her just to make sure you are glued to her works for a long time. Obokozu has had a very humble beginning and even shines brighter now as she grows. Her membership on PH is a game changer as many fans keep rushing to her page for her amazing works. No need to go far for this proof. She has about 165k Subscribers on PH and in addition to other un-subscribers has contributed to a total of 42m views on PH. Well, what about social media, is she also active there?

Social Media Account

Undoubtedly, social media is one of the places to make sure we always stay in touch with our fans or followers. This is true because of the free usage of social media and how fun it is, when you sign up to be a member. Many stars knowing this do not want to be left out of the fun and most importantly want to stay in touch with their fans. Now, the real question is; Is Obokozu on social media? And if yes, what is her valid or original accounts on social media?

Below is a table showing all the popular social media platforms and which of them Obokozu is available on.

Social MediaAccounts
Snap Chat

Biography Summary of Obokozu

Date of Birth
Hair ColorBlack
Eye Color

Height and weight of Obokozu

It’s very true many people have their preferences based on height and weight. And if you admire someone one, there are many questions that comes on your mind which probably includes knowing the height and weight of the person. Since we are on the wiki of Obokozu her height and weight as we know it are 5′ 5″ (165cm) and moderate respectively.

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Nationality of Obokozu

From the biggest to the smallest country all of our favorite stars can come from any of them. It is however more refreshing to know when star comes from your home country. Well, let’s see if the country of origin and nationality of Obokozu matches yours. She comes from Japan and her nationality is Japanese

Age : Date of Birth of Obokozu

With all the massive success she has been able to achieve, Obokozu is still quiet young and active pursuing what she loves to do best. Her date of birth is private now.

Most Asked Questions of Obokozu

Below are some of the questions fans of Obokozu are likely to asked about her.

What is the exact height and Weight of Obokozu?

She stands between the height of 5 to 6 ft tall, but her exact height is 5′ 5″ (165cm) and weight is also moderate.

Boyfriend : What is the relationship status of Obokozu?

Some stars prefers living a single life without having a relationship or dating anyone. However some also feels having a partner in life brings them some comfort. The relationship status of Obokozu is one that is not in the public domain hence unknown.

What is the date of birth and age of Obokozu?

Her date of birth unluckily enough for us is not in the public domain.

What is the Instagram, Twitter and Snap Chat account of Obokozu?

Obokozu luckily enough is available on social media. Her Instagram account is (—) and her Twitter account is (@obokozu)

Where was Obokozu born and what is her real nationality?

She was born in Japan and her nationality is Japanese

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