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Leicht Perlig – Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Relationship, Wiki.

A well-known model, social media influencer, Instagram star, and YouTuber based in Germany, Leicht Perlig is also known by her alias, Softsparkling. She is well-known for her Instagram and YouTube channels, both of which are under the moniker “Softsparkling.”


Born in Germany in the year 1990 on a day and month that are unknown to the public, Leicht Perlig is best known for uploading videos to her YouTube account under the name “Softsparkling” that include topics such as traveling, trying new foods, and getting into all sorts of mischief.

A few different sites have, in the past, claimed that Leicht Perlig is from Russia. However, the social media influencer is actually from Germany, and she has disproved the claims that she is from Russia in one of the vlogs that she has made on her YouTube channel.
It is acceptable to declare that Leicht possesses at least an elementary school diploma and a high school graduate certificate, even though the specifics of her educational history are unknown to the general public.


NameLeicht Perlig
Age33 years
Date of Birth1990
ProfessionSocial Media Star & Model
Net Worth$500k
Relationship StatusUnmarried
Height5 ft 6


She began her career in the entertainment industry by randomly uploading movies and images of herself onto her Instagram page, which led to her becoming noticed by industry professionals. The role that made Leicht Perlig the most well-known is the one she played in the original Netflix series “Stranger Things.” In following years, she built a profile on YouTube, where she currently offers a variety of video content, such as vlogs documenting her travels, cooking tutorials, and pranks of a more general nature.

In 2019, Leicht came to the notice of a significant portion of the general public as a direct consequence of her photographs being widely disseminated across the internet. Softsparkling is a model who also works in the modeling industry in addition to her career as a model. As a result of her job as a model, she has been featured in a number of distinct journals and magazines, and in the course of those appearances, she has modeled a range of products for a number of different businesses.

Relationship Status

Because most famous people want to keep their private lives out of the public eye, the identity of Leicht Perlig’s lover as well as the specifics of their relationship are unknown to the general public. Our investigation into the nature of Leicht Perlig’s connection did not turn up any new information that was particularly pertinent to the two of them. As soon as we have access to new information, we will revise the article so that it reflects the new findings.

Net Worth

Leicht Perlig should be able to make a fair income because of his employment as a model, as a creator of content for TikTok, and as an internet personality. At this point in time, it is approximated that she holds a net worth of $500,000 dollars. The majority of Leicht Perlig’s revenue comes from their work as models and their agreements with endorsement brands. She makes a substantial sum through YouTube in addition to the money she makes from her account and sponsorships, both of which contribute to her overall income.

Age and Date of Birth

1990 saw the arrival of Leicht into our world, and he did so in Germany. She has kept the specifics of her birthday private, and they have not been posted anywhere online. Because of this, we are unable to determine what the zodiac sign associated with her is. The year that Leicht was born in is relevant to determining her age; she will turn 33 in the year 2023. This Instagram sensation was born and raised in Germany, and he has a deep faith in the Christian religion.

Height and Weight

There is a height differential of 5 feet and 5 inches between Leicht Perlig and the ground. When we compare apples to apples, her weight at the time was 60 kilos, which is equivalent to 132 pounds.

As a hobby, traveling, working out at the gym, shopping, cooking, and going out with friends are some of Softsparkling’s favorite things to do. She also has brown eyes and hair of the same color.


What is the date of birth of Leicht?

The star was born in the year 1990 but the month and day is unknown.

What is the nationality of Leicht ?

Leicht is a German citizen.

What is the net worth of Leicht?

Her net worth is estimated between $500k – $1m.

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