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Heather Austrie -Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Relationship, Wiki.

Heather Austrie is an extremely popular user on the social media platform Instagram. She became well known and garnered a lot of attention thanks to her own self-titled Instagram account. On this account, she publishes a variety of modeling content while sporting a wide range of different hairstyles, and she has accumulated a sizable number of followers.

She has more than thousands of followers on Instagram. In March of 2015, she posted the very first modeling photo she had ever taken to Instagram. In addition to that, she won the Division 2 Nationals Championship for the state of New York in the sport of basketball.


Heather Austrie was born on the 30th of June in the year 1987 in the community of Trumbull, which is located in the state of Connecticut. This year, she will turn the ripe old age of 36 years old. She has a mixed ethnic heritage while having American citizenship, thanks to the fact that her genealogy is a mixture of different ethnicities. She was brought up in the place where she was born and raised, and she did so in the company of her own family as well as numerous other relatives. Her astrological sign is known as Cancer, and its name comes from that sign. Her official education was completed at the schools that were available in her neighborhood, and she went on to earn a bachelor’s degree from the University of Trumbull, which is located in Trumbull, Connecticut.


Age36 years
Date of Birth30th June, 1987
ProfessionEntrepreneur and Social Media Star
Net WorthB/N $1 to $5 million
Relationship StatusUnmarried
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight59 kg
InstagramHeather Austrie


Before embarking on a career as a successful entrepreneur and influential figure on social media, Heather Austrie possessed a varied and extensive background.
She began her career as a student who played basketball and a senior instructor; she even quit playing basketball so that she could take the position.
She started off slow but eventually became active in many online communities related to social media.
Heather Austrie provided financial assistance to her husband’s company by distributing pamphlets to the general public and advertising Pampers products.

At that point, she had come to the conclusion that she wanted to advertise her husband’s school in a different manner, so she began using social media.
After that, she started working for the firm that her husband runs, Craig’s Basketball IQ Skills, in the roles of marketing director and social media manager.
Now is the time to expose the mystery in order to get a deeper level of comprehension. The basketball skills academy and program that Heather’s husband operates are coached by Heather’s husband, who also coaches basketball.
During this time, she kept herself engaged on social media by sharing various types of information, such as instructional videos, videos of her daughter, and motivational content, among other things.

It resulted in a great deal of attention and was instrumental in her achieving the milestone of 1.2 million followers on TikTok, in addition to 23.6 million likes.
Recently, she has shifted her attention to placing a greater emphasis on her professional job. At the moment, she works at Federici Brands as the manager of the TikTok department.

She has a lot of expertise and skills, so she decided to start her own social media management firm and called it “Heather Audrey Management LLC. At this company, she gives advice on how to use social media for both personal and professional reasons.
Heather Austrie is not only a model, but she is also a brand ambassador for a number of the most successful companies in the United States of America.

Relationship Status

Craig and Heather met in high school, and because they were both basketball players, their emotions and thoughts were ignited together. They began dating. The couple then took their relationship to the next level by marrying. Craig had already decided to open his Craig University basketball IQ skills academy, but they were met with a severe setback, with very few members enrolling. She began advertising his business by sending pampers, sticking them on the windshield, and so on to motivate his husband. Every day, she would pick him up and drop him off at the academy. Then she discovered the social advertising strategy, which enabled him to open two to three branches. So, this is the real meaning of standing by each other in difficult times. Payton and Kali are the couple’s two beautiful daughters, and both are avid basketball fans.

Height and Weight

She stands at about 170 centimeters (5 feet 7 inches) tall and weighs approximately 59 kg. Both of her hair and eyes are a jet black coloration. Her eye color is equally jet black.

Net Worth

The amount of money that Heather Austrie has amassed is probably somewhere in the range of one million to one and a half million dollars. Her professional work as a social media manager, in addition to her contributions to the organization, has significantly increased her net worth.
At this time, she offers online coaching on enhancing social media growth and content production; her rate is $200 per hour, and she also offers a 30-minute option for $100.
Because she is also a brand ambassador and has her own YouTube channel, the combination of her professional work and the creation of material for the internet allows her to bring in a decent income.

Age and Date of Birth

The 30th of June, 1987, finds Heather Austrie being brought into this world in Trumbull, Connecticut. It has been 36 years since she was born. She is of mixed heritage but holds American citizenship. Her nationality is that of the United States.
Her hometown was the setting for her upbringing, where she spent her childhood alongside her family and other relatives. Cancer is the astrological sign that she was born under.

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