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Everything You Need to Know About MoveCube

We were made to travel the world and be curious about what lies beyond our imagination. This is why to this day, we have that gut feeling that wants to go further and find better life opportunities. This is why moving is so important to us because sometimes, our surroundings are not good enough for us. We want to go somewhere else whether it is for our own future or our kids’ future and make it better.However, moving is not as romantic as it may seem when you look at it, it is very stressful. To make it less stressful, you need to work with people and businesses that know these problems and how to solve them. The MoveCube from Seven Seas Worldwide is a long-awaited innovation in this field. Let’s see what MoveCube is all about and how it can help you move.

Worldwide shipping

First off, MoveCube can help you ship your belongings to a whole array of countries on every continent. The best thing is they are not done yet, as the MoveCube® is coming to India and many more countries soon. They are expanding their network and they want to help their customers deliver their personal items everywhere they want.

A good way to know how good a shipping business truly is is by taking a look at its scale of delivery. If they can deliver to all of these countries, that is a sign of a good logistics network that runs much deeper. The MoveCube is all about making sure you can trust their logistics and their impeccable delivery, for your sake.


Once you see that MoveCube can help you move to your destination, you are probably wondering about its security. Rest assured, no one will tamper with your belongings except for you. You will load the items into the MoveCube of your choice with the help of their delivery men. They will seal the box in front of you and once you unseal it, everything will be like before.

MoveCubes come in three sizes with a pretty handy chart of how many things can fit inside them. They are quite sturdy boxes that will not falter to the elements or any shipping conditions. The boxes are only opened if the customs require an inspection, but these scenarios are highly documented. A MoveCube employee will oversee this inspection and they will note everything during the inspection.


If you ever sent something large overseas, you probably met with some hidden fees. However, MoveCube knows all the possible hidden fees and they will tell you about them beforehand. You will not get charged with anything more than you agreed upon by using MoveCube. They are not in for making a quick buck by ‘’forgetting’’ that these hidden fees exist and charging you later.

They are all about transparency and making sure you do not experience any trouble along the way. Moving is always stressful to some degree, it’s something you can’t change about this experience. It becomes even more stressful if you see some hidden fees blocking the shipment of your sentimental belongings. The expert team at Seven Seas Worldwide knows this and they will not add any additional stress to this experience of moving.


No matter how you thoroughly plan your move, there are some things you will not be able to control. Something will be delayed and you will need to rethink your shipping or maybe you forgot to put something in the MoveCube. It doesn’t matter, there is always someone who will answer your emails and let you know what you can do about it.

MoveCube is all about being flexible and making sure you can change your plans. These situations always arise and you want a business that will understand and comply with such situations. Even if you are the one to blame for forgetting something, that’s ok, no need to point fingers at anyone. The problem will be resolved in a timely manner and everything will be ok with the MoveCube.

Free quotes

If you are still not sure about using MoveCube, you can get a free quote before you commit yourself. The website is pretty open about their free quote estimate and they want to make sure you are getting an objective estimate. They will not try to lure you into thinking that you need to use them, they will be honest with the entire procedure and what’s possible and what’s not.

The free things don’t end there as you will get a free starter pack if you sign up with MoveCube. Once you schedule a date for packing your MoveCube, you will also get everything you need for packing. The free starter pack includes a tape gun, floor sheets, a marker pen, and everything you need for safe packing.


If the MoveCube comes before you or you do not want to ship it right away, that’s ok. You have the option to store the MoveCube at a specific location for up to two weeks free of charge. Your package will wait for you at a safe location and it will be delivered whenever you want it to be. Again, you are bound to miss a deadline or something other unexpected will happen during your move.Even if your package gets stuck at customs or needs to go through quarantine, the team from Seven Seas Worldwide will take care of it. They are the ones who will take care of the customs and all the other boring work that would be too stressful for you.These are some of the most important aspects you should consider when thinking about using MoveCube. This experience of moving will not be pleasant at first, but it will be all worth it when it is done. We were made for doing something far greater than staying confined in a limited space and seeing the same pictures all day long. If you have a chance to move and do something greater, do not be led to believe that you do not deserve that greatness. Reach out for it and make sure you hold on tight and everything will be ok.

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