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What Should You Consider When Buying a Business Call Recording Solution?


Businesses, whether small, medium-sized, or large, no longer work without sales solutions. The sales solutions help simplify complex processes, providing enough space for key business activities. Some solutions positively impact sales productivity, while others address customer experience, usability, and service – Eleveo call recording solution is one such tool.

A call recording solution addresses the development of internal sales teams and plays a key role in personalizing consumer experience. Ranging from worker training to quality assurance, businesses invest in call recording solutions for numerous reasons. So, how do businesses pick the best call recording solutions? Let’s take a look at the main features to consider.

Easy Access to Recordings

In order to get value from your call recordings, your customer care and sales teams should access important conversations. That means your call recording solution must have a user-friendly interface where workers can easily search, query, and find call recordings they need from the cloud database.

It’ll be meaningless if your workers spend several hours trying to access call recording files from your software. Additionally, it’s vital to consider data dashboards and analytics access, especially if you want to use the information for training workers.

Automated or AI-Backed Solution

An automated or AI-backed call recording system can significantly enhance the consumer’s journey by providing your team with market, deal, and people intelligence. Alongside consumers, your team will also experience automated uncovering performance parameters of sellers. With AI-driven conversation intelligence, your call analytics will be more refined, and implementing recommendations becomes easier.

Your team will be able to analyze all calls automatically and create an AI score for each. AI call scoring prioritizes calls that need attention to maximize your return on investment. A healthy combination of manual and automated scoring helps in generating rep-level and team insights. So what does this mean? Choose an automated or AI-backed call recording solution!


As your business expands to new markets, your call recording solution should scale to accommodate your needs and requirements. Understanding how your business and customers’ needs and requirements may change in the future can provide much-needed protection against solutions that’ll become automated quickly.

Scalability refers to the ability of a call recording solution to retain an increasing number of features. While this is a key factor to consider, you also need to ensure that technological features are robust enough to meet your objectives. Your solution should be flexible when searching for historical audio and must have strong security configurations.

Also, it should be able to accommodate speech recognition solutions for sophisticated research and analysis. Integration with different workforce tools and the ability to configure data retention in order to fulfill compliance requirements are key features to consider in terms of scalability.

Secure Encryption

Picking the right call recording solution is essential when it comes to protecting your business against pricey compliance fines. Data security and encryption are the universal compliance requirements to address – from security and encryption of data at rest and in transit.

A good call recording system protects all recordings using strong cryptography to meet compliance requirements. Depending on the sensitive data shared on calls and your business’s industry, you may be required to meet additional compliance requirements.

A high-quality call recording solution can play a huge role in helping your business avoid regulatory risk. Be sure to work closely with risk and legal counsel experts to understand your business’s unique needs and requirements for data capture, retention, and retrieval.

Final Thoughts

To find the best call recording solution for your business, you should partner with a software provider specializing in workforce optimization and management solutions for contact centers that use historical data and Artificial Intelligence to make call centers more efficient. On top of that, ensure the solution provider is reliable, friendly, and has a proven track record.

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