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Rosewood Finance Announces Newly Updated Borrowing Rates for Commercial Products

Rosewood Finance, a leading independent financial broker, has published its newly updated borrowing rates for a range of commercial products for UK businesses. A specialist in delivering tailored financial solutions, Rosewood Finance has also expanded its range of commercial borrowing products, with competitive rates across various categories.

The newly released borrowing rates include:

  1. Merchant Cash Advance: Starting from a 1.10% factor rate, MCAs offer businesses a flexible funding solution based on future card sales, with repayments tied to daily card transactions.
  2. Asset Finance: With interest rates starting from 4.0%, asset finance helps businesses acquire essential assets – such as machinery, equipment, or vehicles – and to spread the cost of these investments to preserve cash flow.
  3. Invoice Finance: Available from 1.5% per invoice, businesses can advance funds against unpaid invoices, accessing the working capital they need to cover expenses, invest in growth and maintain a healthy cash flow.

“We are witnessing an unprecedented number of businesses turning to Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs), asset finance and invoice finance to maintain their cash flow, particularly in these uncertain financial times. We recognise the critical role these financing solutions play in supporting UK businesses and we are committed to placing a heavier emphasis on these products to meet the growing demand. Our priority is to provide accessible and flexible funding options to ensure businesses have the necessary resources to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. We are working tirelessly to keep rates low and deliver competitive terms, empowering businesses to thrive and succeed in the current economic landscape.”Rosewood Finance

Flexible Lending for UK Businesses

In addition to the above, Rosewood Finance has also confirmed rates for other commercial borrowing products:

  • Business Loans: Starting from a 6.0% interest rate, secured business loans remain a popular option for businesses looking to secure funding for major purchases and investments.
  • Construction Finance: Offered from 6.5%, bespoke construction finance serves the property development sector with short-term funding solutions.
  • Trade Finance: Rates from 1.25% per month to provide flexible funding for importing and exporting goods, facilitating international trade and mitigating risks associated with fluctuating cash flows.
  • Unsecured Loans: Now starting from a 6.0% interest rate, providing businesses with the flexibility and capital they need without requiring security (aka collateral).

“While we are proud to support as many businesses and entrepreneurs as possible through our commercial financing solutions, we also prioritise safe and sensible lending practices. We believe it is crucial for commercial borrowers to carefully consider their requirements and budgets before applying for financing. We encourage our clients to thoroughly evaluate their financial needs and ensure that any borrowing aligns with their long-term business objectives. Our dedicated team of experts is here to provide guidance and assistance throughout the application process, helping businesses make informed decisions that contribute to their overall financial stability and success.” – Rosewood Finance

For more information on Rosewood Finance and its newly updated borrowing rates, please visit our website or contact the team directly at 0203 633 5001.

About Rosewood Finance:

Rosewood Finance is a leading financial broker based in London, offering a wide range of commercial borrowing solutions. With a strong network of lenders and a customer-centric approach, Rosewood Finance is dedicated to providing tailored financial products that meet the unique needs of businesses across the UK. By leveraging expertise and industry partnerships, Rosewood Finance helps businesses secure the funding they require to thrive and succeed.

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